Citronella or Large Yellow Ant: size 4 to 4/5 mm long. 12 segmented antennae. Yellow/orange color. Emits citronella or "lemon-like" scent when crushed.
Nests sites/characteristics: Citronella ants nest in the soil. Outdoors, they nest under logs and rocks and landscape timbers. They also nest beside foundations and the inside of crawlspaces. The ants often excavate large amounts of soil as they build their passageways. If the colony is under a concrete slab of a structure, the soil may continue to pile up. These ants swarm nearly any time of the year and swarming may occur inside buildings when colonies are located next to or under the structure.

Feeding preferences: Citronella ants feed on sugars they get from insects that feed on plant roots. Because of this, people seldom see the workers.