Argentine Ant: size 2.2 to 2.6 mm long. Antennae has 12 segments with no club. Brown; some light brown. Sparse body hairs and no stinger. 
Nest site/characteristics: colonies live in moist areas near a food source. Colony numbers fluctuate seasonally, ranging from one hundred to several hundred thousand workers and many queens.  Foraging workers follow trails with winged queens sometimes being found among them. Argentine ants live outdoors (preferably) in shallow nests in moist areas, including under boards and stones, and beneath plants and along sidewalks. When outdoor conditions are too wet or too dry, Argentine ants invade buildings by trailing along tree and shrub branches, utility lines and wires. 
Feeding Preference: Prefer sweets such as sugars, fruit juices and plant secretions, but will also forage on proteins (meat, insects, eggs.)
Argentine Ant